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You are super excited for your next big trip overseas! But before you start pulling your wardrobe apart for all the pieces of clothing you ‘must’ pack in your suitcase, stop! Take a step back and start by organizing all the important travel documents you need to make your trip hassle-free. 

Forgetting to pack that red jumper will not bring your trip to a standstill but missing these documents will spoil all the fun even before it starts!

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 1. Passport, tickets, and visa

Obviously! You cannot travel without these, can you? Keep your passport, visa and all related documents handy and safe. Although most airports accept soft copies of the airline tickets, it is still advisable to carry physical copies with you. Invest in a good money belt to keep all your critical documents safeguarded. The soft copies can help you procure a temporary passport sooner in case of passport loss. Don’t shove these documents in the deep recesses of your backpack because you will need them at the immigration counters, check-posts or while exchanging currency at the airport. 

2. Extra photographs and ID proofs 

Keep at least 10 extra passport-size photos with you. You might need them at destinations where you get visa-on-arrival. And while you are at it, keep copies of all relevant documents. Don't think it is India where every second grocery shop has a photocopy machine. Carrying original IDs of domestic and international drivers' license and its copies will make your life easier.

 3. Forex cards 

Your best bet is to get local currency before you board your flight because using your credit or debit card abroad might involve extra charges. A good alternative to carrying cash these days is Forex Cards. Load them with cash as per your requirement. You can reload them anytime if you require extra cash during your trip. Forex cards certainly help you control your expenses during your travel. 

4. Hotel booking

You must carry the hotel booking confirmation with you because the folks at the immigration counter might want to see your stay details and you should have it handy. Countries with visa on arrival usually require you to provide proof of accommodation at the immigration counter. If staying with a relative or friend, it’s always a good idea to keep a printout of their invite and the address handy. Fret not, nothing can dampen your lovely travel plans. 

 5. Driving permits

Driving permits licence
Self- driving holidays are a great way to experience a new country, especially in off-beat locations. However, don’t assume that your driving license will be enough. Check the rules pertaining to the country of your visit much in advance. In some cases, you might be required to carry a translation of your driving license, in other cases, you might be asked to attach an extra International Driving Permit to your driving license. Think ahead and plan in advance. 

6. Medical documents  

Driving permits
Unlike India where you may get your medicines without a doctor's prescription at your friendly neighborhood chemist, don't expect this treatment abroad. Do carry along with prescriptions and reports from licensed medical practitioners if you are on some medications. In case you are ever in need of medical attention, these will definitely need to be looked at. 


7. Travel insurance 

Travel insurance can help you during unforeseen hassles while in a foreign country. It can take care of sickness or medical emergencies, missed connections, flight delays, lost or delayed luggage, trip cancellation or curtailment and any other emergencies you may experience during your vacation. Medical emergencies abroad can burn a hole in your pocket and travel insurance can take care of it. Remember to upload scans of your travel insurance paperwork and other documents (including contact numbers) to your email address. Travel insurance is by far very essential on an overseas trip. 

We hope this post helped you to find out 7 Essential Documents To Carry While Traveling To Australia. We want to hear your remarks on this article. Please feel free to leave any comments here.

A land that treasures India’s longest urban beach also makes its way to be the fourth largest town in India. Welcome to Chennai, one of they ought to to-go to places in Tamil Nadu wherein the finest belongings are it's those who continuously dedicated to their land. Surrounded by using a background, a way of life and the wealthy southern way of life…it's far not possible to know not run-inside the many vacationers sights the metropolis possesses. And a package deal of locations best for family journeys and motels for the affection birds, and additionally laid back locations for day breaks are all that we will be speaking approximately on this blog of 20 best places to go to at the same time as holidaying in Chennai.


Chennai is one of the coastal towns in Southern India with many staggering seashores alongside the Bay of Bengal Ocean. With the price of residing elevating each day, Chennai’s seashores have come to be one of the maximum visited weekend getaways for every elegance of human beings. Maximum of Chennaites go to the beach with their circle of relatives and pals all through weekends and on unique events. Considering that humans gather in large numbers in seashores, the Chennai groups and different NGO’s commenced organizing many events in the city seashores. Aside from this, considered one of Chennai seaside referred to as Marina seaside is the sector’s 2d longest urban seaside and has many monuments close by.

  • Marina seashore
  • Breezy seashore
  • VGP Golden beach
  • Besant Nagar seashore
  • Fortress St. George

The first British castle in India was based through Francis Day on a skinny strip of sand leased from the Raja of Chandragiri. Christened on St. George Day in 1640, citadel St. George, complete with partitions 20 toes thick, has remained the image of the Raj, its records intertwined with that of the relaxation of British India. The Indian army and civil service, Colin Mackenzie’s land survey, and the British archaeological, botanical, and zoological surveys of India had been all conceived on this website online. Now the house of the Tamil Nadu country Legislature, it’s quietest on Sunday.

Citadel Museum

once a trade used by East India corporation traders, this constructing is now a museum of Indian history. The whole thing from vintage uniforms and coins to palanquins and padlocks is on display, along with some tremendous vintage prints. Have a look at the famous closely, as they’re not constantly properly classified.


The town of Chennai is domestic to a number of the maximum well-known temples in Tamil Nadu kingdom, Kapaleeshwarar Temple at Mylapore is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of they should visit place in Chennai

George city

in case you tend in the direction of agoraphobia, George city is not the region for you, as on foot—the only manner to explore this teeming warren of congested street--is frequently hard going. Pedestrians weave in and round companies, carts, and cows even as others behavior enterprise at the sidewalk or in the road. Before you project into George city, make sure you've got a detailed map of this vicinity so that you can wander with confidence; many streets have similar names. For the entire revel in, come in the morning, while the bustle is at its top.

Originally called Black metropolis, this 1 half-through-2-mi vicinity become first settled through decrease-caste artisans who provided textiles to the British buyers. After Black city changed into burned inside the British–French wars, the brand-new city changed into laid out in an ideal grid pattern, every segment housing a special organization or caste with its personal region of worship. The street names echo George metropolis’s mercantile history. 

As every region bears the cultural traits of the group who migrated there in the direction of doing enterprise with (or for) the East India agency: no longer most effective Indians but Portuguese, Scots, Armenians, and Jews settled right here. Every other distinguished institution is the Chettiars; you’ll be aware that lots of the street names end in “chetti.” two competitive sub-castes of the Chettiars, who speak extraordinary languages and take a look at exceptional religious traditions, love of their personal regions, divided simplest by means of Prakasam street. The Chettiar factions lengthy vied for mercantile strength, first with the East India organization after which with the merchants of the Raj.


Authorities Museum and Chennai Rail Museum are the most well-known museums in Chennai and wealthy in archaeological and numismatic collections. Madras Museum has the biggest collection of Roman antiquities.

  • Chennai Rail Museum
  • Madras Museum
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Historical Landmarks

Chennai formerly referred to as Madras is home to many landmarks including Chennai critical railway station, Southern Railway Headquarters and Madras high court docket. Those ancient buildings are a great example of Indo-Saracenic fashion of architecture.

  • Madras high courtroom
  • Connemara Public Library
  • Southern Railway Headquarters
  • Chennai primary Railway Station

St. Mary’s Church

Consecrated in 1680, this church is the oldest masonry structure in fort St. George. The punkahs and a few flags are long gone, and the steeple has been replaced, however in any other case the building with its 3-arched aisles and the bomb-proof roof has no longer changed. The wedding of Governor Elihu Yale (of Yale college fame) was the first one executed here. Activity Charnock, the founder of Calcutta, had his 3 daughters baptized right here earlier than the family moved to Bengal, and St. Mary’s congregation covered, at one time or another, Thomas Pitt, Warren Hastings (later the first governor-general of British India), Lord Cornwallis, and Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington.

Urban Parks

Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical lawn in Chennai and houses some popular individual plant life and uncommon plant species. The garden functions artificial duck pond, fountain light and unique sorts of flora.

  • Semmozhi Poonga
  • Annie Besant Park
  • Anna Nagar Tower Park

Everybody likes to hang around, to take a break from a running distance and to stay happy, then to stay fit. Some people also walk around to keep fitness in mind. Nowadays, wellness tourism is also very trendy to maintain wellness.


India's Best Wellness Center, Do not Forget About It Is Near Nature

Some touristic sports are like this in India, which is known only for wellness tourism. Most people come here to celebrate holidays from the metropolis. The Ministry of Tourism is taking several steps to promote Aryuvad and Wellness tourism. Guidelines for Wellness Centers have been developed by the National Board of Hospitals and Health Services (NABH) with the 'AYUSH' Department. In the year 2011, the Ministry of Tourism also organized a workshop for Wellness Tourism. Let us now know about the famous place for Wellness Tourism.

The first is the hills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand where you will find many meditation centers. Apart from meditation, here you can stay close to nature and learn a lot about flowering plants and herbs. Ayurvedic doctors, Skilled Therapists, Nutritionists, Yoga Experts are also present here. There are also 80 types of spas, which include a mixture of traditional Ayurveda and Modern Spa.

The therapies found here include Detoxification, Rejuvenation, D-Stress, and Wellness. It is also included in one of the best hotels in India, including top quality centers. Here you will find many ayurvedic therapies which you can choose according to the facility.

In Goa, there are many places where many types of therapies are also performed with difficult treatments under the supervision of experts. Along with body and mind, the Ayurveda and Naturopathy treatments and therapies help to rejuvenate the soul again. Advanced Yoga Courses are also offered here for living a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

People are treated here with the help of Ayurveda and yoga. People get relief by eating Ayurvedic Health Care, Spa, Yoga, Pranayama and vegetarianism in the wellness center here. You can choose your package according to your need.

With wonderful snowy peaks, valleys, picturesque mountains and a convoluted topography, beautiful Himachal is one of the most sought after destinations for travel in India. From trekking and climbing to rafting, paragliding, you can take on many activities in Himachal.
Himachal Pradesh


The popular destinations have been crowded with people and tourists and if you want to explore the untouched, then here is a list of 5 underrated places you can visit in Himachal Pradesh this summer:


A small town in Himachal, Kalpa is known for its apple orchards and beautiful snow-capped mountains. It is the perfect place to be if you enjoy a serene and calm environment. There are many monasteries in the town with Buddhism preached by locals. The Sutlej river flows through here and the sacred Shivling rock on the Kailash mountain is also visible from here. It is believed that the rock changes its color at different points in the day.


Chitkul is located in the Kinnaur District and is on the Indo- China border, one of the last villages in India. It is rather unexplored due to its location and hence peaceful. The village is covered in snow throughout the winter season and it is ideal to visit in the summers.


A small village, Nako is located in the Himalayas near the Indo-China border. With beautiful treks, serene monasteries and a tranquil lake which is always flocked by birds- this is the ideal offbeat place in Himachal to visit in summers.


A small mountain town located in the Kangra District, Bir has something exciting to offer for the adventure lovers. It is famous for Paragliding, Mountain Biking and Trail Running. Tourists can visit the Tibetan monasteries here and meditate.

Prasher Lake

Located near Mandi, the Prasher lake is considered to be sacred. It is believed to be blessed by the local Gods and Goddesses. Prasher is a picturesque place surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the fast-flowing River Beas can also be viewed from here. The lake has a floating island in it and for some mysterious reason, nobody has been able to determine its depth. There is a beautiful temple here as well.

Pauri is the most famous district of Garhwal region, which is full of natural beauty. It is a beautiful tourist destination located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. This place is the district headquarters of Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Covered with pine forests and situated on the northern slopes of Kandolia hill, this place is a heart-touching sight for tourists. Tourists can enjoy the panoramic views of the snow-capped panoramic mountains like Bandarpunch, Jolly, Gangotri Group, Nandadevi, Trishul, Chowkhambha, Ghori Mountain, Elephant Mountain, Swargarohini, Join Group, Thalia-Sagar, Kedarnath, Sumeru, and Neelkanth. Alaknanda and Nair are the major rivers of the district.

Places to visit in Pauri:

Pauri, Garhwal Why go to this place of Uttarakhand, where do you visit

Jwalpa Devi Mandir Pauri :

Jwalpa Devi Temple is a religious place located at a distance of 34 km from Pauri. Situated on the left bank of the Navalika River, this temple is spread over an area of ​​about 350 meters. It is believed that God fulfills every wish of the devotees. A festival is celebrated in this temple during Navaratri.

Tara Kund Pauri :

Tara Kund is a beautiful place located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. This place is situated in the midst of huge mountains in the Charisarah development area. Tourists can see a small lake near the temple. The festival of Teej is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety here.

Kandolia Mandir, Pauri :

Kandolia Temple is located at a distance of 2 km from Pauri city. This temple is dedicated to the deity Kandolia who is the local land deity. From this religious place, one can see the beautiful views of the Himalayan peaks and the Gangavarsune valley. The 4-kilometer trekking route from Kandolia to Buwakhal is surrounded by cedar and oak trees which offer a refreshing and refreshing opportunity.

Adwani Pauri :

Advani is a very beautiful place for picnics which is located at a distance of 17 km from Pauri. This quiet place is surrounded by lush green forests. There is a forest rest house where tourists can stop and relax.

Chaukhamba View Point :

The viewpoint, which steals tourists' hearts with the beautiful views of the Himalayan peaks and glaciers, is quite famous. It is a quiet place surrounded by thick green oak forests and colorful rhododendron trees of Dwarikhal. The Idwal valley and the Chaukhambha peaks can be seen from this place located at a distance of 4 km from Pauri. This place is popular among picnic-goers due to its natural beauty.

Kankaleshwar Mandir Pauri :

This 8th-century temple is dedicated to Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, and Karthikeyan. It is located in Pauri city. Although to reach here, you will have to climb a steep climb, but the breathtaking view you will see by coming here will forget all your fatigue. Here you can have a more compelling view of all the peaks from the nearby Idwal Ridge.

Ransi Pauri :

Pauri is the only sports stadium in Ranchi and is the highest stadium in Uttarakhand. To reach here, you have to climb about half a kilometer. Here you can enjoy a picnic or you can listen to the chirping of birds by laying a sheet.

Naag Mandir Pauri :

The temple of Nag Devta is about 5 kilometers from Pauri on the road of Bubakhal. On the way to the temple, you can see the beautiful views of the Himalayan range.

How to Reach Pauri :

There is no airport in Pauri district but Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of 155 km from the district. Taxis are available here at cheap prices. At the same time, if you want to come by train, then the nearest railway station is of Kotdwar, which is located at a distance of 108 km from Pauri. This railway station is connected to major cities of the country by regular rail service. Apart from this, if you want to come by road, then public and private buses ply between Pauri and Rishikesh. Bus facility is also available from Paid to Haridwar, Dehradun, and Mussoorie.

Best Time to Visit Pauri :

The best time to visit this place starts in March and you can come here till November, as the weather remains pleasant during this entire period.

Say empanadas, singara, ceviche, akoyaki or bugatsa and some of you would be wondering what on earth am I referring to. But say vada pav, idli-dosa, aloo Tikki or chicken tikka and you are dead sure what I am talking about. Street food. India is worth visiting just for its street food and its regional specialties. Unlike sitting in a restaurant and waiting for your ordered meal to arrive, street food can be had instantly as you watch it being cooked right in front of you. You can satisfy both your hunger and taste buds with a variety of dishes sold on food carts in almost every nook and corner of Indian cities. In fact, this is what and how an average Indian eats every day. Cheap, diverse and authentic, Indian street food is mouth-watering and will make you run for a bite. By the way, the above-mentioned names are street foods from Argentina, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Japan, and Greece respectively.

Travel with Taste in India a mouth-watering list of desi street foods that are worth traveling for:


Chole Bhature

Uniquely from Punjab, this popular dish has now become almost ubiquitous all over India. In Delhi, in particular, this Punjabi delicacy has taken its lovers by storm. The richness of the gravy-laden chickpeas combined with that of the fluffy bhature fried or cooked in tandoors or in clay ovens makes it a lip-smacking dish. It is a hearty and complete meal in itself which is often served with onions, pickle, and raw green chilies. Bhature is usually plain but you get them with a filling of paneer or potato as well. In Old Delhi, Sita Ram Dewan Chand in Paharganj is quite famous for its spicy and tangy chole bhature. But if and when you are in Chandigarh, or in any part of Punjab for that matter, you can enjoy this recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anywhere. But always have them hot because that’s when they taste best.


Paratha is yet another staple of most Punjabi households. While traveling in the northern part of India, one can find paratha anywhere and everywhere — in a Dhaba, on a cart, or in a restaurant. Alternative spellings and names can be parauntha, prontha, parontay, porota, palata, depending on which part of India you are in. The most versatile street food has traveled to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives as well, where it is known as Parata. You can have it either plain or stuffed with a variety of vegetables — cauliflower, potato, onion, or paneer, and keema for non-vegetarians. The popularity of this favorite Indian food was so much that Old Delhi has an area, Parathewali Gali, dedicated to serving up all its possible varieties. Have paratha for breakfast, lunch or dinner with some cold curd and enjoy the delectable offering.

Aloo Tikki Chaat

You can say that this popular North Indian street food is the equivalent of the American hash brown. Made out of boiled potatoes, peas and various curry spices, it can be served as a snack, a side dish or a light meal. The vendor that you go to makes fat and crispy potato patties right in front of you with preferences of sweet and sour tamarind chutney, whisked curd and garnished with onions, green chilies, and crispy sev. You can get it customized according to your taste — how tangy, spicy, sweet or salty you want it. In Mumbai, the same aloo Tikki is called ragda pattice. The Chowpatti Beach ragda pattice is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. The real flavor of the Delhi street food lies in the tongue-tickling chaat. Without visiting Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, your trip to the capital remains incomplete.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is synonymous with Mumbai, but lately, this has become one of the most famous street foods in India. Introduced almost two centuries ago to serve textile workers in and around Mumbai, pav bhaji now figures on the menu of almost every North Indian restaurant. Though you can have it anywhere, gorging on a pav-bhaji in Mumbai is an unmatched experience. Mumbaikars love to have it as a breakfast meal but you can have its interesting versions — mushroom, Chinese, and the Chowpatty pav bhaji, any time of the day. Cannon Pav Bhaji at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is famous for its orange-colored and mildly flavored bhaji with nicely toasted pav. Mumbai local passengers and tourists walk over to this place for a quick bite.

Idli & Dosa

Roughly 1,000 years old and having the stamp of originality that is typically Indian, both idli and dosas are indigenous to South India, yet both now have the ubiquitous presence from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Both have the potential as worthy contenders to becoming national dishes. There are many varieties of dosa, the most popular being the masala dosa, with a filling of the potato masala along with coconut chutney and sambar; Mysore masala is its spicier version, and plain dosa is without any filling. Paper dosa is a thin and crisp version while Rava dosa is made crispier using semolina. Madras Hotel (now closed) in Connaught Place, New Delhi, became a landmark that was one of the first restaurants to serve South Indian cuisine. In the 1930s, it arrived in Mumbai with Udupi restaurants. Most South Indian households have idli dosa in every meal. In the opinion of legendary British chef Gordon Ramsay, idli and dosa were the safest and tastiest foods conceived and conceptualized by humans. He called them ‘international dishes’ because of dosa’s aesthetically unique texture and idli’s smoothness. He opined that you can eat it every day, yet will not get fed up.

Never forgetting dosa’s lingering taste, the Darjeeling-born Gone with the Wind star Vivien Leigh had a masala dosa at perhaps the oldest South Indian restaurant on Park Street, Calcutta, in 1932 and got hooked to it.

Poha Jalebi

Walk down the streets of any city of Madhya Pradesh and you will find most people snacking on poha jalebi, which is a favored breakfast dish. Tangy poha made with flattened rice topped with savories accompanied by crispy sweet jalebis are the perfect way to start the day for most. Sulaimani chai of Bhopal ideal mornings is made of. If you are in Bhopal, the state capital, Raju Tea Stall in Peer Gate Area and Kalyan Singh’s Swaad Bhandar on Itwara Road are the two best places to have this humble yet healthy dish. Delectable seekh kebabs and Bhopali biryani are not to be missed either.


The way the cute little dumplings called momos have become one of the most favorite street foods is really amazing. Whether food courts or food carts, momos have tickled the nations’ taste buds and they are selling like hotcakes. Since momos are native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and northeastern states of India, originally, these were prepared with the stuffing of yak meat, but gradually they became vegetarian-ised. So, today, you can have momos stuffed with cheese, cabbage-onion, mix-vegetable, etc. There’s also the option of choosing pan-fried or deep-fried. Young North-Eastern Indians serving piping hot, steamy and succulent momos dipped in flavorsome spicy garlic sauce in different nooks and corners of a metropolis are a common sight now.

As soon as we hear the name of the trip, all of us are highly excited and we get messed about packing due to more enthusiasm. On which we often meditate in the most last. Although the mistake may be small its adverse effects can be large. So, today we are going to tell you on the travel passion that what kind of caution should be done about the packing for the trip, and if you are not aware of the weather at which destination you are going, what kind of problems May have to face.

Travel Mistakes: Do not Make These Small Mistakes In Rambling

Travel Mistakes: Do not you even make these terrible mistakes?
Often, we look at the fact that if you go to travel, what to do, how to go, what to see there, what to do, adventure. But I never noticed what I should do when traveling. Hardly have you thought of what mistakes that everybody has ever done or has done in the course of their journey. So in this article of travel passion today we are going to tell you about some of the mistakes that you should not make in your travels.

We offer our perfect best for a trip, from good places too good hotels. Make a complete plan of what we have to do in our journey, where to go, where to stay in the hotel. But the thing that we take the most lightly is packing, we do not make any plans for this and at the last moment, do it, due to which some things are forgotten, they pack something wrong. With this we can have a lot of trouble at our travels, so let us know what is the best way to packing, and which mistakes we usually do.

No weather information :

If you go without knowing about the weather in the place you are going, then this is a very big mistake. Because then you will not be able to enjoy it there. If you wear a full dress on the tank top and beach in snowfall, then you will get very bad spoiling. Therefore, it is very important to know the weather there before going anywhere, because you may have to go shopping there again and your expenses can go up even more.

Seeking the wrong footwears in haste:

Sometimes in haste, we keep the wrong footwear, which makes the whole trip feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the feet start to suffer. Therefore, always choose footwear according to the destination. Apart from this, if you want to protect your clothes from scars, then place a carry bag separately for shoes or keep the footwear wrapped in paper and keep it. This will not even make your shoes mixed with clothes so that you will not have trouble finding them and your clothes will not be dirty. Footwear is a very important part anyway. They should match your clothes.

Do not pack a checklist:

Often, we start packing very late, so many times they pack all the bags in a packing bag in haste. In which many things remain at home, some leave the hotel. So always keep in mind that while packing the bag, make a checklist and pack it accordingly. While coming back from the hotel, get all the items noted in the checklist to get the equivalent of packing it in the bag. Doing so will likely increase your chances of forgetting your things.

Liquids packing more:

Whenever we go anywhere, we carry more and more stuff. But due to being overweight during checking at the airport, we have to leave many things left over there. Therefore pack the stuff only. Also, do not fill excess baggage with bags in bags. By reaching the airport you have to give the bottles of your shampoos, hairpieces, and perfumes to the airport authorities because they increase the weight of your bag. If you talk about liquid, you should take it with you only till 100 miles. Along with this, pack the container very carefully with good care. Many times the bottles of the liquid are leaked due to heat and pressure so that the clothes kept in the bag and the other things start getting worse. So keep all this stuff in bags or plastic bags. Put them in a separate pocket of the bag.

In the summer season, everyone likes walking around in beautiful and cold terrain. You think of places that are in your budget and where it is good to go Yercaud, a small and numerous view of Tamil Nadu, is the best place for family vacations. The fragrance coming from the spices of spices and the orange trees spread far and wide make this place even more special.

google image source
Yercaud Lake is also known in the heart of the city as Emerald Lake and Big Lake. The greenery spreads around and makes this Lake of Yercaud more beautiful. If you get tired of walking around the mountains or you are troubled by the sun, there is a boating option here. There are lots of shops around Lake where you can buy your gifted and statistic food and gift items as well.

If you are thinking of posting a photo on social media, so that your followers can increase quickly, Pagoda Point is the best place. Yercaud's journey is incomplete without seeing Pegoda Point. Located in the east of Yercaud hill, this point of view of the whole city is beautiful. The reason behind such a name of this place is that there is such a structure made of stones that looks absolutely pagoda.

This place of Yercaud is as much as the city of the stars. Beer Cave is a very good place to go and spend your good time. This cave was once home to the bears. Not only this cave was included in the Gupta sites of Maharaja Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. Which was later opened to the general public.

This is a place of Yercaud which is connected to the British period and the story behind this name is also very interesting. Indeed, the wives of the British rulers used this place for their kitty parties. The view of the sunny sun from here is very beautiful. Where the tourists come to spend their leisure time


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